Ideas For Functional Wooden Tiny Houses

Oct 27, 2020 · 2 mins read
Ideas For Functional Wooden Tiny Houses

Do you want to live in a small wooden house like those found in fairy tales? You own a small piece of land and you plan to build a tiny but pretty house? Then, to arrange a small house well is a real art. To help you make the most of the surface area of your house, Deavita has selected about twenty log cabins which, despite their small size, have a design that is both aesthetic and functional. Tiny, narrow and romantic, these little houses sometimes serve as mini garden chalets… in short, an exceptional discovery in 18 inspiring images!

Small snow-white wooden house with skylight

They are cramped, cramped and really difficult to furnish, and yet they continue to amaze us with their bucolic charm that transports us naked into a magical universe! It is precisely these romantic little houses inspired by wonderful tales that make us dream!

Small wooden house with mezzanine and solid parquet flooring

To build a small log house, both modern and comfortable, is probably the dream of all those who do not have enough space to build a large building. However, the small wooden house should in no way be considered as a real handicap. With a pinch of clever ideas and a hint of creativity, you will be able to transform your small home into a romantic mini palace. The proof with the photo gallery below.

Mini living room in the attic

To successfully furnish a small wooden house, it is still necessary to respect some basic rules about the materials used for the construction of the furniture, the color of the walls and the decorative objects.

Solid wood panelling, double bed and ceiling with integrated LED spotlights

Do you dream of a small wooden house furnished in an unusual way? Then take a look at the photo above to discover this cosy mini living room with a staircase leading to the bedroom. Riquiqui but comfortable, the bedroom has a double bed and a small bedside table that can easily accommodate a beautiful bedside lamp.

Tips and tricks for a successful layout of a small log house!

How to bring a unique style to our little wooden house? Then there’s a whole range of tricks to use to transform the wooden hut into a little paradise of luxury. Before tackling its interior layout, it is best to think about its exterior façade.