Tiny House Design

Feb 02, 2015 · 3 mins read
Tiny House Design
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Tiny House Design

Does The Bed Need To Be In The Loft?

Absolutely not! We design spaces custom for the people who live in them. There have been several houses with beds on the main floor. Some use futons and other have had Murphy beds.

Where Do You Get Design Inspirations?

We believe that good design is one that universally speaks to its users, it conveys what something is, how to interact it and it is both beautiful and functional. We pull design ideas from a wide array of sources. Sometimes the design comes out of the function we need it to preform, sometimes we let the materials we use guide the lines, form and shape, other times we set out with a concept in mind. We find inspiration from other houses, boats, small apartments and other spaces for design. Over the years we have seen many simple solutions come from paying attention how nature does things. If you are looking for more concrete ideas, check out Pinterest, blogs, RV’s and boats for more ideas how they organized spaces.

What Process Do You Go Through When Designing For Your Clients?

We first sit down with our clients and talk about what about tiny houses appeals to them. From there we develop a comprehensive list of what the client needs the house to do in order for them to have all their needs met by the space. If there are any particular styles or elements they would like to see, we collect that too. Then we enter the formal design process: -Begin with basic floor plan layout -Develop a 3D tiny house concept -Generate working plans with AutoCAD

At each step of the process we get our clients input and feedback, making adjustments and suggestions as needed.

How Should I Draw My Tiny House / Make My Own Plans?

Before you start to lay out your tiny house we always work with our clients to determine what their needs are.  This is a step that most don't think about.  We need to know what we have to do in the house before we can design it, form will follow function.  We always start with pencil and paper to begin with; this part of the process is very fluid and we make frequent changes.  From there we go to Sketch Up which is a free 3D design program.  After we get a decent working model going we then work with our client to finalize details.  From there a professional set of plans are generated using AutoCAD.

Tiny Houses Legal

##How Do I Get A License Plate For My Tiny House First call your local DMV and ask them about how they handle trailers that have things built on top of them. Most often all they will tell you is that they will need to see it, but it is only to check the VIN number to be sure it isn’t stolen and then asses a higher tax value. They often have very loose safety requirements outside of proper plating, trailer size and lights. Most often tiny house design will exceed all their requirements. From there purchase your trailer and get it plated right away. You’re good to go! If you are only going to be moving once in a while, consider temporary tags.

Tiny Houses have come up with a few tricks to either become legally accepted by municipalities or to enter into a gray area of the building code that code enforcement doesn't want to bother with it.  Most municipalities are complaint driven, meaning that inspectors don't actively look for tiny houses, they only respond to complaints.  So if you talk with your neighbors and have a good relationship, you're fine.