How to Build a Tiny House FAQ

Feb 02, 2015 · 5 mins read
How to Build a Tiny House FAQ
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What About Water In A Tiny House?

Tiny houses have similar water systems to traditional houses. Most often the water connection is made between the water source and the tiny house with a drinking water safe hose, just like RV’s do. Some tiny houses have on board storage tanks or utilize water catchment that tie into their water systems, be sure you do your research before implementing either of these options. Our houses are plumbed mostly with PEX for supply lines and then PVC for drain lines. Be sure you drain lines slope to the exit point, so it is the lowest point in the systems. In some cases you will need to add air vents to allow drain lines to properly work.

What About Sewer In A Tiny House?

There are a few options that you have when it comes to handling sewage. The simplest thing to do is of you are parked behind someones house, just arrange to have access to their bathroom. It is easier and saves on space used only a fraction of the day. If you are going to consider a composting toilet or incinerator toilet. You can do flush toilets, but there is more local codes to contend with. Check with your local building codes and zoning before doing anything.

What About Electircal In A Tiny House?

For the most part we wire a tiny house just like a normal house, but our power usage is usually much smaller because of the size and efficiency of the appliances that we choose. The one thing that you need to pay particular attention to is planning how much power you think you will use and then how you are going to approach grounding your tiny house. We typically size our houses to be 15, 30 or 50 amp services with appropriate circuits. Electrical is pretty tricky, that’s why we put our our eBook: Shockingly Simple Electrical Systems: A guide for on the grid and off the grid houses. In it you will learn all the details of planning, sizing, grounding, safety, and much more. We recommend you hire a professional electrician. Be Safe!

How Do I Anchor My Tiny House To The Trailer?

The simple answer on this is: it depends. Each tiny house is different and is a different weight. There are also certain elements that we need to account for: do you have a water tank, do you have a porch overhang, house height, trailer overhang etc. When we design an anchoring system we shoot for our anchors to be able to hold 10 times the weight of the house. We also orient our anchors in two different directions to accommodate for different forces that a house will experience while driving down the road. We utilize high tinsels strength anchors welded onto our trailer bed and then other fastening systems on top of that. We’d need to run the calculations on your home, so let us know what you’re thinking and we can walk you through the process. Learn more about how we can help you during your build here

##What Trailer Should I Choose?

Many tiny houses are built on a trailer, but not all. For those who wish to build on a trailer there are some things you should look for in a trailer. We use a flatbed utility trailer with special modifications, 5” channel beams and then 4” wraparounds. Your trailer should be rated to carry the weight of the construction materials, your possessions, water, and have a safety buffer. Many houses use a 6,000 lbs rated trailer, but we think this is cutting it too close. We recommend 8,000 - 10,000 lbs rated trailer on most of our builds, but it isn’t just that simple. We generate itemized materials lists and then calculate our material weights, from there we consider other factors and possessions. We also consider how the weight is distributed on the trailer. Being wrong here could spell disaster, so we recommend you work with us to help spec out your trailer. Learn more here

Where Can I Learn How To Build A Tiny House?

Tiny houses are generally very similar to a normal house, but with a few distinctions, design considerations, and structural requirements. Tiny Houses built on trailers have several additional challenges to address. The biggest is structural considerations that need to be made when building because tiny houses at some point will be towed down the road, so our houses need to withstand the extreme forces it will encounter going down the highway.

There are a few ways to learn…

Get One On One Help - $35 & up

Once you have done your homework, have your plans or design ideas, you will still have a lot of questions… How do we know? Because we had those same questions when we first started. The difference is, unlike us, you now have us to answer all your questions! We have a one on one help line that you can call to get all your questions answered. Imagine if you were out building your tiny house, you are attaching your rafter ties and you weren’t sure whether to use a screw or a nail? Pick up the phone and get the answer right away. It’s that simple. Learn more here

Full Design & Build Services - $35k & up

There are some folks out there that love tiny houses, but rather leave the building to the tiny house professionals at Tiny House Craftsman. We offer complete tiny house design and building services. We’ll build it for you to your specifications and deliver it to your door. We even have financing available! Learn more here