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23 Totally Absurd Confessions About Food Delivery

It’s not always as simple as just handing over your pizza. Whisper 1.</p>whisper.sh2.whisper.sh3.whisper.sh4.whisper.sh5.whisper.sh6.whisper.sh7.whisper.sh8.whisper.sh9.whisper....

In Aug 22, 2014

A Guy Took A Photo In The Dark With Flash On. What It Captured Is Terrifying Beyond Words.

A Reddit user was exploring a dark and empty factory when he decided to a take a picture in the dark with the flash on. What he discovered next was absolutely terrifying. If this happ...

In Jul 01, 2014

My House Feels So Boring After Seeing These 33 Awesome Things

Each of us probably have an idea about what our individual dream homes would look like. Maybe your dream home would have a hammock … or maybe an indoor slide that leads outside into a...

In May 01, 2014

28 Great Ways To Get Your Day-Drink On

Cucumber Cooler

In Apr 12, 2014

Last Week at Tiny House

Remember in my last post how I said that this year’s Valentine’s Day felt like a hearty cheer to the heavens that we made it? I really wasn’t joking. The last week has been filled wit...

In Apr 10, 2014

So A Guy Decided To Drive Through West Africa. The Things He Saw Are Almost Unbelievable.

There are a wide variety of cultures and countries in West Africa, from Nigeria through to Senegal, but one thing is the same for them all: life there is very different than life in t...

In Apr 10, 2014

I Can’t Decide If What This Guy Made Is Awesome Or Deadly. But I Really Want To Try It Anyway.

Ever wanted to make a 15 pound Snicker’s chocolate candy bar? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? Well, thanks to one guy who decided to take things to the next, ridiculous level, you can...

In Apr 04, 2014

I Can’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make These 21 Things Myself. The Results Are STUNNING.

The DIY craft craze has been sweeping the nation, ever since the “online corkboard” site called Pinterest has gotten popular. You can find almost any craft under the sun on this site....

In Apr 01, 2014

See A Man Return Home From The Army To Find Out His Wife Secretly Lost 100 Pounds

Misty Shaffer went from a size 24 to a size 6 without her husband knowing.1.High school sweethearts Misty and Larry Schaffer had been married since 2008, and Larry never once mentione...

In Mar 05, 2014

32 Tattoo Fails So Tragically Embarrassing That These People Should Never Go Outside Again.

Getting a tattoo should be serious business (and not something young, drunk people should do at 2am). You’re permanently altering your body. For life. Forever . In fact, there are man...

In Mar 01, 2014