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Homemade Pasta

Our hens have started laying up a storm! Okay, so I guess that may be a bit dramatic. For the past few days our 22 hens are laying about 6 eggs each day. But to go from a dozen eggs a...

In Jan 01, 2012

Making a Homemade Chicken Waterer

Last week we began preparing for the 50 meat chickens we were about to get in the mail. We hit the farm supply store to get two new feed troughs and waterers. As I was looking at the ...

In Jan 01, 2012

Homemade Frugal Mitten Bags

When we moved to Wisconsin, I knew that it would be cold during the winter. I realized that we would need lots of winter wear for the good part of a year. What I hadn’t anticipated wa...

In Jan 01, 2012

Escaping Chickens

This weekend we actually had a warm day (which for us is upper 40s, low 50s) and it wasn’t raining or extremely muddy. So we figured it was a perfect time to let the chickens out into...

In Jan 01, 2012

About Raising Chickens

In a few weeks, 26 chicks will invade our house. I have never personally raised chickens before and I’m getting a little nervous. Today I thought I would spout out some random chicken...

In Jan 01, 2012

Wood Stove Potatoes

The winter has been long and cold. Well, maybe not for native Wisconsinites, but it has been for these Virginian/Coloradans. We’ve gone through almost 4 cords of wood keeping the hous...

In Jan 01, 2012

30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

The napping possibilities are endless.

In Jan 01, 2012

How to Make a Fire

Building a fire is a primordial task to some but there are some folks who just haven’t had the time (or the inclination) to build it right. This is the time of year (December) to hon...

In Dec 12, 2011

Homesteading North and South

“You learn, there we were all other people we morning hours,” remembered Hazel Sik, Forty seven, as she leafed through an cd involving yellowing newspapers cuttings. The girl ended up...

In Dec 12, 2011

Make Solar Panels Energy Storage

When you make solar panels you are not only providing your home or business with cheap and pollution free energy that saves you money on your electric bills, but you are also helping ...

In Nov 12, 2011