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Bed And Breakfast In Iowa

title: What To Expect From Bed & Breakfasts In Iowaimage:

In Apr 04, 2012

Advise for New Homesteaders

The biggest drawback to countrysiders who want to farm these days is the price they have to pay for land. Thirty years ago farms were cheaper, but if you consider the wages in the sou...

In Mar 11, 2012

A Peek Into Fall

I know by the thermometer that summer is still in full swing, but this week we’ve be knee-deep in fall planning. I’ve been trying to figure out what vegetables to plant for fall harve...

In Mar 03, 2012

Babies & Queens (goats)

Babies!! And Queens! We have babies and queens!!

In Mar 03, 2012

Biking Through Iowa’s Rural Areas

Iowa’s rolling hills, prairies, picturesque waterways, gently rolling hills, and lush forests all provide an ideal setting for hiking, jogging, skating, and–most of all–cycling. The s...

In Feb 04, 2012

Building A Portable Chicken House

Oh. My. Goodness.

In Feb 02, 2012

What Lurks In My Compost

With the addition of the pigs to the homestead, we aren’t generating as much compost these days. All food and garden scraps are heading to the piggies instead. And when I do have some...

In Feb 02, 2012

Got Milk? We Do!

Over the weekend we started milking our goats for the first time. They kidded (had babies) around Easter and, while we could have started milking sooner, we kept putting it off. We bo...

In Feb 02, 2012


A Visitor’s Guide To Attractions In Western Iowa

If you wish to distance yourself from all the noise, smog, and rush of the big city, a vacation to the American Heartland might be what you need. Western Iowa offers some of the most ...

In Jan 04, 2012