Meditation In Morning

Jan 01, 2013 · 1 min read
Meditation In Morning
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Everyday, I wake up and ask myself, “self, should I make coffee this morning, or should I go out for coffee with Jeremy?” Usually, I answer, “what a silly question… of course you should go out for coffee.” It’s probably a little obsessive to think of coffee so much - I’ve considered being a barista again just so I can have more coffee more often. But coffee means morning. And I am what most would call a morning person. Yes, I love the time of day that most people groan at. I love the light, I love how everything is swollen with possibilities, I love the food, the drink, the warmth of coffee and the brightness of breakfast. Some of my favorite memories have been and will be in the morning, and always include coffee.

  • Drinking coffee and eating sheep’s yogurt on the front porch of the

first tiny house

that Jeremy and I stayed in.

  • Making coffee in our little french press with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

  • The day we decided to start

Tiny House Creative

was while we were sitting at a coffee shop talking about our days, discussing our miserable jobs, saying that we just wanted to make stuff for a living, and dreaming about the day that we’d get to hang out in the print shop all day. “Wait,” I said, “we can just start doing that right now. We can just start working under a shop name.” And so Tiny House Creative was born. - The first day of our tiny house build, we spent at our favorite coffee shop here in KC,

Oddly Correct.

  • On August 29th at 9am I will be saying I do to a dude who I already habitually call my husband. We’ll have coffee and waffles and around noon we’ll be taking off on a road trip, probably our second favorite thing after mornings.

Here are some photos from those memories and a few others that I’ve found in my archives of my favorite time of any day: