10 ideas to maintain order in your tiny house

Sep 15, 2021 · 3 mins read
10 ideas to maintain order in your tiny house
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Choosing to live in a Tiny House is one of the best decisions you can make, not only because of the economy it offers, but also because of the freedom to live wherever you like. However, for life to be pleasant inside your Tiny House it is important to maintain order; something that for many can be a challenge because of the reduced space.

But don’t worry, today we want to guide you with 10 fabulous ideas to organize your belongings, without damaging the aesthetics of your Tiny House.

Organizing ideas for a Tiny House.

1. Folding furniture

In the market you can find a wide variety of folding and collapsible furniture. You can opt for a table or a bed of this type to solve space problems.

2. Buy furniture with compartments

Before buying your furniture, make sure you have storage options, such as a table or bed with integrated drawers. This way you can maintain order without overloading the shelves. The best thing about this idea is that your items will stay neat and tidy.

3. Take advantage of the corners

When we talk about mini houses it is vital to take advantage of every space to organize your things. Therefore, if you use corner units you will be able to use all that space to place your belongings. In addition, if you try to make it high or that it has several sections, it will be much more useful.

4. Add more shelves

If you still have things to store, you can add some extra shelves. There will always be room for one more. Just make sure that the weight of the shelf plus the objects is not disproportionate to the opposite side.

5. Cabinets on the stairs

Another Tiny House idea to maintain order is to have cabinets on the stairs. This will bring a dual use to the staircase and allow you to maximize storage space.

6. Be selective with your belongings.

It is advisable not to keep items that you do not plan to use anymore. If they are broken, throw them away; if they are useful, give them away. But always try to be selective with the objects in order to avoid clutter.

7. Keep windows clear.

Avoid blocking windows with furniture or shelves. Natural light will make the space look bigger, and if you add light colors on walls and textiles it will be more effective.

8. Use sliding doors

Sliding doors are ideal for maintaining space, because when not in use you can slide them directly to the wall, creating a feeling of spaciousness in the Tiny House.

9. Place the bed on top

Use the vertical space by placing your bed at the top near the ceiling. This will allow you to have more space and you will have no problem with the decoration, as they look spectacular.

10. Sharpen your wits

As you can see, Tiny Houses are characterized by having a reduced space, so apart from the suggestions we have given you in this post, we recommend you to be observant to find ways to create functional and comfortable spaces. Something that will help you will be to see other Tiny House on the web or magazines. This way you can get fresh and functional ideas.

This article is also available in Spanish: 10 ideas para mantener orden en tu Tiny House