What is the ideal size for a tiny house?

Sep 15, 2021 · 2 mins read
What is the ideal size for a tiny house?
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The tiny house movement is becoming more and more widespread; simplicity is now the norm. Therefore, if you want to join this trend, you will love to know what are the most appropriate tiny house measures. Let’s see,

Tiny House Ideal size

Tiny houses have not only gained popularity because of their minimalist designs, but also because of the ease in moving; so you can take your home anywhere you go.

However, for this to be possible, it must be manufactured with specific measures that make possible its mobilization on the roads.

For this reason, at an international level, a width has been standardized for tiny house or mini houses. That is to say, the exterior width of a Tiny house must always be 2.60 meters. Practically the width of a container.

For larger sizes, a special permit is required.

Regarding the length, it can vary depending on the following factors:


An important factor in deciding the size of your Tiny House is how much you are willing to pay. Obviously, the bigger the size, the higher the cost.

To give you an idea, the standard model of a Tiny House of about 6.5 meters long is valued at $22,000.

Number of people who will occupy it

The second determining factor is the number of people who will live in the Tiny House. Regardless of whether your objective is to have a family residence or to establish a large tourist business, the truth is that the size of the Tiny House will depend on whether you will house two or more people. For example, in the United States it is quite common for the Tiny House to have 2 independent rooms, generally located on the upper part, specifically above the bathroom, kitchen and living room.

The height of a Tiny House

We have already seen the ideal width and length for your Tiny House, but it is also important to determine the height and we recommend that you take into account the power lines and tree branches. You will also do well to evaluate the path you will take with your Tiny House in order to get to the place you have determined, for example, check if you will have to go under a bridge. This will give you an idea of how big your Tiny House should be.

But don’t worry, because if all this is complex for you, you can always opt for the standard measurements for Tiny House, which have been established in order to facilitate the construction and moving of it.

Tiny House average size

Although there are no explicit rules about how big or small a tiny house should be, we have mentioned before, that the default width for Tiny House is 2.60 meters. For the width, it used to be 5.30 to 6 meters high. However, now the average height is 7 meters, in order to offer more comfort inside the Tiny House. Its owners would benefit from the economic and comfortable advantages of the reduction.

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