How to select your tiny house plans

Sep 15, 2021 ยท 3 mins read
How to select your tiny house plans
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Some people decide to build their Tiny House from scratch. However, it is usually much more viable to rely on Tiny House Plans.

In this article we will tell you where to look for them and what you should take into account when finding the plans online. Continue reading.

Where to find Tiny House Plans?

The ideal is to hire a professional to design your Tiny House floor plans; but it is not the only option, many websites share Tiny House floor plans, they have a wide variety of models and designs to choose from.

In addition, although in some cases you will have to pay to purchase them, most of them you can download them for free. However, before choosing a floor plan, you should take into account the following recommendations:

Suggestions for choosing the perfect Tiny House floor plan

Choose previously tested and reviewed floor plans.

Sometimes it happens that the designed floor plan must be modified in some areas, either because the designer made a mistake or because the area for which it was designed differs from yours. In any case, the recommendation is to verify that the plan has been reviewed and tested beforehand by an expert. This way you can verify if it will work for you or not.

Choose based on your needs

Obviously it will be impossible to find a floor plan that exactly meets your requirements; but, it is important that you take into account your needs when choosing a floor plan for your Tiny House, so that the modifications you need to make to adapt it are minimal.

The plan must be complete

It is not enough to have a floor plan. It is necessary to have complete information that allows to carry out the construction in an optimal way. For example, a plan of the plumbing, electrical installations, construction sections, exterior elevations, etc.

Contact the supplier

Before using the plan you have chosen, contact its designer. Verify that he/she will be available to clarify doubts and solve problems at the time of construction. This way you will save yourself the displeasure and avoid wasting time during the process.

Caution when modifying the tiny house

You may want to change the layout of the objects, perhaps to provide more comfort or to improve the aesthetics. However, modifying the original design may not be so simple, because for this type of house, making a change even if it seems small, can be dangerous because the weight distribution on the shafts must be exact.

That is to say, the standard weight distribution of a Tiny House on a trailer must be 60% of the weight totally between the center point of the axles and the drawbar of the carriage. And the other 40% of the weight should be distributed from the center point to the rear of the trailer. If there is no balance, it can be detrimental during transport.

Our recommendation is to seek the services of an expert designer or to maintain the exact distribution established in the Tiny House plan.

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