Everything You Need To Know About A Leaky Roof

Sep 22, 2020 ยท 2 mins read
Everything You Need To Know About A Leaky Roof
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Roof leaks are a common issue, especially if you own a home with an older roof. 

So, if you’ve noticed a leak in your commercial or residential roof, don’t panic! As long as you act fast and call in a Loomis roofing contractor right away, that leak won’t turn into a serious problem. 

The rest of this post will tell you everything you need to know about roof leaks and how to prevent them. 

Causes of roof leaks

There are several factors that can cause a roof to leak. A few of the most common include: 

Shingle damage: Slipping, cracked, or missing shingles can let moisture into your roof when it rains. If you ever notice shingle damage on your roof — even if it seems like no big deal — call a California residential roofer to check it out. 

Water pooling on flat roofs: If your home has a flat roof, it will collect moisture over time. Those puddles add unnecessary weight and will eventually leak through. That's why it's so important to inspect and clean off your flat roof at least once a month. 

Attic condensation: Condensation in your attic can damage your roof’s internal structure and cause a leak. If you run your heater often in the winter, you should inspect your attic for condensation whenever you have the chance. 

How to fix them

Repairing a roof leak is usually a quick, easy job. In most cases, a contractor will just need to find the source of the leak and patch or replace the damaged area. 

However, if you let the leak go ignored for too long, it can lead to much more serious (and expensive) problems. Water damage to a roof could eventually cause it to sag or even collapse — so don’t hesitate to call for repairs as soon as possible. 

How to prevent them 

The best way to prevent roof leaks is with routine maintenance and regular inspections. 

Call your local roofing company to learn more. As long as you spot and repair roof damage quickly, you should be able to keep your home safe and dry all year long.