Concerns About Living in a Tiny House

Feb 02, 2015 · 2 mins read
Concerns About Living in a Tiny House
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How Do I Convince My Significant Other That Tiny Houses Are Awesome?

We see this from time to time and the biggest thing that seems to help is have them see a tiny house in person. They often walk in and surprise how large the space feels. From there you can start talking about how we might make it work, if we were to try. The more they begin to see how it will work for them, the more they will get on board.

Isn’t A Tiny House Too Small?

For many yes, for other, no. It really depends on your needs. One thing to understand is that with people who live in tiny houses, they extend their living space outside the home. This is done in great outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, and green spaces. Their living space is also extended to the community around them. A tiny house doesn’t have a big office, but you might work at a coworking office; you might not have a guest room, but you could choose to meet someone at a destination instead. Whatever your approach, it means you are more engaged with the community you live in.

How Do Families Or Couples Live In Tiny Houses?

The definition of a tiny house is a loose one, the only real requirement is that it is a house that utilizes space effectively. What a tiny house is what you define it as. So for a family, it may mean 1,000 feet. There are some couples that live in 130 square feet, while others couldn’t handle that. We design spaces for the occupants so that their needs are well met by the space and that the house empowers them to live the life that they seek.

How Do You Fit All Of Your Stuff In The Tiny House?

Reducing down your possessions is an important step in living in tiny houses. The question should not be how can I fit all my stuff in a tiny house, but how can I reduce the stuff I have to put into it in the first place. In the end you will have the things that have great meaning to you, have an important function or are beautiful. There are many of us that will need to have some additional space in a “bulk storage” area. Things like seasonal clothing, bikes, maybe things to do a favorite hobby etc. It’s okay if you can’t fit everything in your tiny house, but you should limit your storage of things and they should be things that you have intentionally kept. Some prefer to keep this in storage bins under the house, some have a small shed, others keep a few bins in their family’s garage.