Box Cutter Boat From Reddit

Feb 02, 2020 · 1 min read
Box Cutter Boat From Reddit
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Armed with only box cutters, hot glue, a hand full of able bodied volunteers and enough cardboard to make Amazon jealous. One man managed to sculpture this breathtaking sculpture of a full-sized ghost ship.

Explaining where he gets all the cardboard for his sculptures he says:Â ”Cardboard is everywhere. Over the years I’ve developed a system called ‘trolling’ which is a process of driving around the streets with a buddy looking for piles of cardboard. We have some go to sources but it’s more fun to ‘troll’”…so pretty much dumpster diving in the name of incredible art.

This particular Ghost Ship sculpture he says was a massive undertaking for a Halloween party at Treasure Island hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

At the front of the cardboard ship is the figurehead. Probably the most impressive piece on the whole ship. (photo via

That mast and figurehead would put the fear into any 17th century sailor.

The side of the ship even looks like it’s been made from wood.

The details are just incredible.

To think I had a hard time building a bridge out of toothpicks as a kid. Source: