Here Are The 16 Most Simple Yet Disastrous Decisions Ever Made.

Feb 02, 2014 · 2 mins read
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Throughout history, some of the biggest disasters have been caused by something that seemed so simple (at least at the time). There are times when individuals make mistakes, someone slacks on safety or sometimes simple, terrible coincidences cause massive consequences. Basically, one wrong decision led to absolutely disastrous results.

Here are some of the biggest “mistakes” that have ever occurred in history. You may be surprised by the root cause of some of these disasters that resulted in death, destruction and loss of homes.

(Note: the monetary losses cited below take into consideration many things beyond the direct loss)

1.) Tiger Woods chooses to cheat on Elin Nordegren (costing him possibly $12 billion). Business Insider

2.) Captain Edward Smith crashes and sinks the Titanic (losing $7.5 million and countless lives). Business Insider

3.) Elderly man throws away winning Euromillions lottery ticket on accident (losing $181 million). Business Insider

4.) NASA used metric and Lockheed Martin used the English system to build an orbiter together. It was lost in space (losing $125 million). Business Insider

5.) Faulty equipment causes a stealth bomber to crash on takeoff (losing $1.4 billion). Business Insider

6.) A hunter using a signal flare starts the worst fire in California history (losing an insured $1.2 billion). Business Insider

7.) Rupert Murdoch has an affair with Wendi Deng after 32 years of marriage (losing $1.7 billion). Business Insider

8.) Faulty equipment causes Three Mile Island meltdown (losing $836.9 million). Business Insider

9.) Safety inspectors forget to replace valve at Piper Bravo oil rig (losing $3.4 billion). Business Insider

10.) The Prestige oil tanker sinks off the coast of Spain, killing over 300,000 birds (losing $5.7 billion). Business Insider

11.) A drunk Captain Joe Hazelwood crashes Exxon-Valdez into Prince William Sound (losing $4.4 billion). Business Insider

12.) Faulty equipment causes the Challenger to explode on liftoff, killing the 7 crew members (losing $5.5 billion). Business Insider

13.) Faulty equipment causes Columbia to crash on liftoff, killing its 7 crew members (losing $13 billion). Business Insider

14.) TEPCO and regulators ignore the Fukushima Power Plant wouldn’t stand up to a tsunami, and it was slammed by one (losing $12 billion). Business Insider

15.) BP, Halliburton, Cameron or Transocean made a mistake, causing the Deepwater Horizon to blow up, dumping 5 million barrels into the water (losing $40 billion). Business Insider

16.) Faulty equipment causes the Chernobyl meltdown, killing plant employees, spreading radiation and emptying the town (losing $358 billion). Business Insider

(H/T Business Insider)

It may never be a good idea to skip safety precautions. It could save you and your company billions of dollars, not to mention innocent lives. Share these intense mistakes with others by clicking on the button below. It’s hard to believe just how this happened.