Typical Australian Things

Jan 01, 2015 · 6 mins read
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1. Traveling outside your home country

This is one of the typical things of Australia particularly entertaining, people who vacation or are resident in other countries, always meet Australians everywhere. If you get to know an Australian, you will see that they are known for taking one and even two years of vacation to travel. They take vacations traveling from Thailand, Bali or Vietnam.

Given how close these countries are to Australia, it is popular for them to spend their vacations in these tourist destinations, bringing with them the piercing accents and their inclination to negotiate. So strong is the presence of Australians in Southeast Asia, particularly in Phuket and Bali, that it would be difficult not to stumble upon an Australian.

2. Playing the Pokies

One of the typical things of Australia taken as a custom is with its famous Pokies machines. The Pokies is a gaming machine that can be found in many casinos in Australia. In general, Australians love to spend time playing this tradition and to see what they can win.

Pokies are slot machines that contain a series of spinning reels or a selection of poker hands. Offering large payouts for a small investment, these games generate large amounts of revenue for the Australian gaming industry.

3. Australian Birthday Parties are Barbecues

Due to the special climate, another of the typical things of Australia is the tradition that birthday parties are a little different from the others. When you talk about an Australian birthday party, there is always something spicy on your plate. Among the typical things in Australia for birthday parties, are the barbecues, without them it would not be complete.

If you are lucky enough to attend Australian birthday parties, you will eventually discover how many things in this world can be served inside barbecues. From pork to fish, chicken, lamb and broccoli. In Australia they enjoy the best barbecues in the world.

4. Drinking a lot of coffee is another typical Australian thing

Australia rivals the big industries when it comes to coffee. This custom is one of the typical things of Australia that emerged from the 1950’s period, after the first espresso machine found its Australian home in Melbourne. In Australia, excellent coffee can be found in the principal cities.

How to order coffee?

Ordering requires a quick coffee instruction. Here are some examples:

  • To sound like a local, order a flat target, this means (Express with steamed milk and a bit of foam, similar to a latte)
  • A long black, which means (one or two hot water outlets on Express, similar to an American)
  • A short black, which means:(a shot of Express).

5. Dressing up for horse racing

Since Australia is culturally linked to England, it has one of the traditions of the upper class. These typical things of Australia is to dress well for horse racing, a custom that still exists in this country. In these events, it is possible to see the high members of society wearing the traditional dresses and hats to show their social status.

6. Day off for the queen’s birthday

Although the British do not take a day off for the queen’s birthday. The Australians do. Perhaps it is due to one of those strange traditions that still exist in colonial times; however, Australians surely do not oppose their place in their culture and customs.

7. Footy

One of the most well known Australian sports is Australian Rules Football or “Footy” a fast, fluid game and is the most popular sport in Australia. The game seems to be a hybrid of rugby and soccer with a bit of basketball, field hockey, lacrosse and volleyball. The game dates back to the 1850s in Melbourne, Australia, before the formation of the Football Association and the Rugby Union in England. It is played on an oval that is approximately twice the length of a soccer field and as wide as a soccer field along.

There are 18 players on each side or team. The goal is to kick the ball between the two intermediate posts located at each end. A goal is scored if the ball is kicked through the center posts and is worth 6 points. If the goal is kicked between the center post and the smaller side post or if the ball goes between the center posts without being kicked, then only 1 point is scored. There is no offside, so players can move anywhere on the field and can pass the ball in any direction. However, they cannot throw the ball.

To pass, a player can kick (clear) the ball or “pass with the hand”. A pass is a pass in which the ball is placed in the palm of one hand and hit with the closed fist of the other hand.

  1. Everyday words and phrases One of the most relevant things typical of Australia is its vocabulary. They always say “How are you doing?”: Instead of saying “Hello”, it is quite common for an Australian to ask “How are you doing? The important thing is to realize that they don’t really want to know how you are, they just want to break the ice to get the conversation going. Australians are known to shorten words or abbreviate everything and have their own jargon. It is quite difficult for other native speakers to understand what they are saying many times. Part of this is due to their geographical isolation and the other is due to their habit of shortening words. It may all be in the name of more efficient conversation (or perhaps it could be something of laziness). In any case, “Straya” is the way to shorten the name of the country.

Here are some examples:

  • Sunnies for (sunglasses)
  • Boardies for (surfboards)
  • Arvo for (afternoon),
  • Exxy for (expensive),
  • Avo for (avocado),
  • Cuppa for (tea cup),
  • Choccy biccy for (chocolate cookie),
  • Servo for (gas station),
  • Mozzie for (mosquito)

9. ANZAC Day

This day is the commemoration of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) for the fallen people and the efforts made in the First World War. It takes place every year on April 25th and for this date Australians make Anzac cookies as typical Australian treats, to remember the diet during the First World War at the Battle of Gallipoli. They also hold sunrise prayers, church services and parades in recognition of those who served their country.

To finish…

With all that has been mentioned, you can see that Australians really do have a very diverse culture around the world. For this reason, you should not be surprised of travelers staying longer than their visas allow. In fact, it is absolutely possible to have a very high quality of life while living in Australia. Once you can demonstrate a high level of English and a professional skill that is valuable to the Australian economy, it is absolutely possible to have a rewarding time residing in Australia, either temporarily or more permanently.