Here Are The 17 Most Magical Houses In The Entire World.

Jan 05, 2015 · 1 min read
Here Are The 17 Most Magical Houses In The Entire World.
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Have you ever wanted to live in a hobbit house? What about a fairy tale castle or a gingerbread house. Well these 17 cottages below are just about the closest you could ever come to living in a fairy tale home. In fact they might as well have been taken directly off the pages of a The Brothers Grimm book, they are so true to the magical realms they are created after.

1) Hobbit House in Wales, UK.

2) Stone House in Portugal.

3) The Seashell House in Mexico.

4) Nautilus House in Mexico.

5) Akebono Kodomo-no-mori Park in Japan.

6) Hobbit House in New Zealand.

7) Three Story Treehouse in British Columbia, Canada.

8) Forest House in Netherlands.

9) Teahouse Tetsu in Yamanashi, Japan.

10) Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Catskills, New York.

11) Abandoned Wooden House in Russia.

12) Traditional House in Iceland.

13) Dome Home in Thailand.

14) Rustic Way Whimsical House in Minnesota.

15) Maison de Sorcière Avec Ciel d’orage in France.

16) Crazy House in Vietnam.

17) Fairy Tale Cottage in Canada.

I’d love to spend a night in each one of these, and yes, even the Crazy House in Vietnam. I’m brave like that. H/T: Bored Panda Share these magical fairy tale cottages with your friends below and enchant them with smiles.