Seeing These Popular Places From Above Is Almost Surreal

Jul 02, 2020 · 1 min read
Seeing These Popular Places From Above Is Almost Surreal
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Even if you travel by airplane frequently, it’s doubtful that you’ve even gotten a real birds eye view of a city.

With all of the pollution, weather, looping flight paths and aisle seats, your views may have been obstructed.

The Reddit user Pimping_NZ gathered together some of the most impressive aerial views of cities around the world, giving people a brand new way to look at these amazing places. They’re probably nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before.

1.) Niagara Falls (Canada)

2.) Barcelona (Spain)

3.) Central Park, New York City (USA)

4.) Dubai Islands (United Arab Emirates)

5.) Hedge maze, Longleat (England)

6.) Mexico City (Mexico)

7.) Venice (Italy)

8.) Namib desert (Namibia)

9.) Tulip fields (Netherlands)

10.) Giza Pyramids (Egypt)

Seeing human life from so far up above can give perspective. We really are tiny, even in respect to the size of our own city.

Source: Reddit & Imgur:

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