5 ecological houses that can be built with little money

Apr 14, 2021 · 3 mins read
5 ecological houses that can be built with little money

If building a house is one of your dreams, you could opt for an unconventional way of building. The houses we present to you below are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and built on a limited budget… Are you up for it?

Small house built by Macy Miller

Small house of 22 square meters built by an architect / Photo: Macy Miller

For young architect Macy Miller, building a sustainable house from scratch was a challenge. Construction can move around just like a mobile home, and while it remains connected to the power grid for now, the goals for the future are to generate its own electricity and add a chicken coop.

This cozy 22-square-meter home includes an eco-friendly dry toilet, thermal insulation and water filtering. The price of this 18-month self-construction is around 15 thousand dollars, but Macy commented in her blog that this amount is reasonable, since she pays only 93 dollars a month in bills.

Interior view of the house

Colorful dome in six weeks

Colorful and unconventional, this house stands out in the landscape / Photo: Steve Areen.

In the middle of a mango farm in Thailand, Steve Areen built a beautiful 45 m2 dome house in six weeks for $9,000. His creator built it using cement blocks and clay bricks, but plans to build his next dome house with environmentally friendly materials such as mud and adobe.

Everything about this house has an impact: the beautiful view, the spherical rooms, the colorful terracotta finish and the landscaping work.

Mongolian-inspired cottage

House inspired by the circular forms of nature / Photo: Rachel Ross

Inspired by the Mongolian yurts, this circular house is located in a lush forest clearing. Designed by Rachel Ross, her husband and daughter, the Magnolia 2300 is a home created on the basis of nature, with natural materials such as bamboo, beeswax and stones.

This environmentally friendly prefabricated house stands out for consuming 30% less electricity thanks to its passive solar design with strongly insulated walls and strategically placed windows.

Interior skylight in the sustainable “yurt” house

Hobbit house for £3,000

Cheap ecological Hobbit house / Photo: Simon Dale

For Lord of the Rings fans, building a hobbit house from recycled materials can be a dream come true.

Some of the cheap materials used by their builder Simon Dale were rocks, mud, recycled wood and openings, used plumbing and wiring.

Integrated with a hill and equipped with skylights and roofs that collect water, this house is not only amazing, but also environmentally friendly.

Circular adobe hut

“Cob house” and its orchard / Photo: Brian Liloia

For a little over $3,000, Brian Liloia built a house out of cob (a material very similar to adobe) and wood. Without a bathroom, but very comfortable, the house has an approximate diameter of 6 meters.

This circular house with a green roof, received the help of more than 75 people who participated through a form of work exchange. To make the green roof possible, a plastic membrane had to be installed, which according to the owner was the most expensive material.