Some of the Greatest Disney Parents of All Time

Oct 10, 2017 · 3 mins read
Some of the Greatest Disney Parents of All Time
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What do Mufasa, Mr. Banks, and Mrs. Potts all have in common?

20. Mr. and Mrs. Banks — Mary Poppins

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She’s a fiery women’s rights activist and he’s a stodgy old banker. But they still find time to take their kids to fly kites

19. Mrs. Darling — Peter Pan

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Mrs. Darling is an under-appreciated saint for dealing with the mood-swings of Mr. Darling. She probably drank a lot of wine.

18. Maurice — Beauty and the Beast

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How do you think Belle got to be so smart? Maurice probably gave her a love of reading and knowledge.

17. Amphitryon and Alcmene — Hercules

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Finally, foster parents who are presented in a good light!

16. Chicha — The Emperor’s New Groove

The take no prisoners wife of Pacha doesn’t even let a talking llama faze her.

15. Fa Zhou — Mulan

Just a father who was worried about his daughter fighting the Huns.

14. Eudora — The Princess and the Frog

A widow raising her teenage girl in New Orleans, Eudora is the modern Disney mother. Also she was voiced by Oprah, so there’s that.

13. Andy’s Mom — Toy Story

A single mom raising a two children and their toys. Such a role model.

12. The King and Queen — Tangled

They don’t give up hope when their daughter is kidnapped by a crazy witch, they even have a lovely lantern ceremony every year to celebrate Rapunzel’s birthday. And they immediately accept Eugene!

11. Duchess — The Aristocats

Duchess is a very proper mother-cat who manages to parent three rambunctious kittens while romancing a handsome alley cat. She is an inspiration to us all.

10. Fergus and Elinor — Brave

Fergus is a fiercely proud father who lets his daughter make her own choices, and turning into a bear couldn’t make Elinor love Merida any less.

9. Mrs. Jumbo — Dumbo

What mother would go to jail for protecting her long-eared son from bullies? Mrs. Jumbo, that’s who.

8. Geppetto — Pinnochio

All he wanted in life was a son, and was so happy when Pinnochio came to life. What an adorable father.

7. Kala — Tarzan

Adopting Tarzan when he was such a little baby and defending him from her grumpy husband Kerchak were very brave things to do.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible — The Incredibles

Superhero parents who just want a normal life for their children. Although they should really have been more aware of Jack Jack and his abilities. Frightening.

5. Pongo and Perdita — 101 Dalmatians

They have an adorable meet-cute in the park, then they adopt 86 extra puppies because WHO COULD SAY NO?

4. Mrs. Potts — Beauty and the Beast

Come on, Angela Lansbury is everyone’s mother.

3. Quasimodo’s Mother — The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Died protecting Quasimodo; what more could you ask for in a mother?

2. Bambi’s Mother —

Bambi No words needed.

1. Mufasa - The Lion King

Wise, brave, regal. Mufasa is easily the best Disney parent of all time. Just try and watch this without crying. I dare you.