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When traveling, it is always nice to take home a token that can help you recall the memorable events associated with the place that you have visited. Also, it is good etiquette to bring a keepsake for loved ones and friends who were not able to make the trip with you.

Picking out souvenirs to take back home can sometimes be a daunting experience. Let’s face it; many places have tourist traps where you will be enticed to spend money on keepsakes that you really didn’t intend to buy. You might also end up buying items that can potentially give you problems with your baggage allowance later on. Or, you will find yourself purchasing quite a number of a particular item since it comes at a bargain price. Once you get home, however, you discover that these items bring clutter instead of nostalgic recollections.

To avoid getting the wrong keepsakes, make sure that you get information as to the items that a particular place is known for. These items should be in your priority purchase list. Furthermore, never give in to the temptation of buying an exceedingly bulky item. Clay water jars handcrafted by local artisans might be the specialty items in the area, but if a jar weighs 50 pounds, you might be better off with a tiny replica.

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