A Visitor’s Guide To Attractions In Western Iowa

Jan 04, 2012 · 2 mins read
A Visitor’s Guide To Attractions In Western Iowa
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If you wish to distance yourself from all the noise, smog, and rush of the big city, a vacation to the American Heartland might be what you need. Western Iowa offers some of the most dramatic sceneries painted by nature herself. Witnessing the blaze of a golden sunset over a wide expanse of prairie might just be what your soul requires to remember how good it feels to be alive.

Western Iowa is largely different from the major metropolis. It has gently rolling hills and gentler folks. You can sample authentic Midwestern cuisine while staying here. The region is known for sumptuous pork tenderloin sandwich and creamed corn dishes–all hearty fare after several hours’ of exploring the prairie and other scenic byways in the area.

The area has numerous establishments that offer comfortable and safe accommodations for visitors as well. Hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts abound, too. These establishments come in different styles, which can range from the converted farmhouse to newly constructed edifices, which are all set along convenient access points close to local attractions in Western Iowa.

Some of the natural attractions worth seeing include the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway; The Prairie Heritage Center (which provides a scenic view of the valleys and hills surrounding the Little Sioux River); and the state park and recreation area at Mill Creek Lake.

The western region of Iowa is also steeped in history and culture. Various places of interest that you might want to see are Panama and Westphalia, which are old German colonies and features stunning architecture exhibiting the pioneer settlers’ Germanic roots. Elk Horn, meanwhile, is home to the Danish Immigrant Museum, and is also to the only working windmill of Danish design in America. The remains of a thousand-year-old village, Chan-Ya-Ta, is near the community of Linn Grove. Linn Grove itself is nestled in the hills of Buena Vista, right along the historic Inkpaduta Canoe Trail.

You might get the impression that Western Iowa is all about rural activities and nothing ever happens in the region. So you’d probably be surprised to know that in Sioux City, you can find a bustling downtown center. The Orpheum Theater is one of the city attractions worth visiting. Council Bluffs, which is one of the cities in Southwest Iowa, has three casino resorts. It does debunk the myth that all Western Iowa has to offer its visitors is prairie grass, doesn’t it? Museums and historical places also abound in various Western Iowa cities. You will be pleasantly surprised at the wonders you will uncover throughout the region when you do come for a visit.