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A Clandestine Chicken Mission

Last night in the cover of darkness, Josh and I crept to the chicken coop. Huddled in Josh’s arms was the wounded chick that had been living in our house for almost a week. Our plan w...

In Apr 04, 2013

DIY Candy Board for Bees

Normally bees eat the honey they have made and stored in their hives during the summer but if they don’t have enough honey to last until spring, you can supplement with a candy or sug...

In Mar 03, 2013

Our First Egg

title: Our First Eggimage:tags: sustainable, homestead

In Feb 02, 2013

Startling Sea Monsters

title: 19 Startling Pictures That Prove Sea Monsters Are Literally Everywherelayout: postpermalink: /7812/19-startling-pictures-that-prove-sea-monsters-are-literally-everywhere/

In Jan 01, 2013

Meditation In Morning

Everyday, I wake up and ask myself, “self, should I make coffee this morning, or should I go out for coffee with Jeremy?” Usually, I answer, “what a silly question… of course you shou...

In Jan 01, 2013

Worlds Energy Crisis

Almost everywhere, we would discuss about what’s taking place within our globe energy-wise. It’s steadily moving towards a significant international power crisis. Because the world’s ...

In Nov 13, 2012

Why Choose Solar Energy

Alternative energy, which looks into energy sources that do not depend on fossil fuels such as solar panels and wind turbines, is a fertile area of research. The world’s supply of fos...

In Nov 12, 2012

How To Make Solar Panels From Scratch

Shocking Report Reveals: The secrets of how to make solar panels. Discover how you stop wasting energy and start save money on your electricity bills. Learn how to build solar power s...

In Nov 11, 2012

Autumn In Marlborough

title: Autumn in Marlboroughimage:

In Jun 06, 2012

Grandma's Homestead Recipes

Grandma’s Homestead Pan BuckeyesPeanut Butter Base

In May 05, 2012