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30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

The napping possibilities are endless.

In Jan 01, 2012

How to Make a Fire

Building a fire is a primordial task to some but there are some folks who just haven’t had the time (or the inclination) to build it right. This is the time of year (December) to hon...

In Dec 12, 2011

Homesteading North and South

“You learn, there we were all other people we morning hours,” remembered Hazel Sik, Forty seven, as she leafed through an cd involving yellowing newspapers cuttings. The girl ended up...

In Dec 12, 2011

Make Solar Panels Energy Storage

When you make solar panels you are not only providing your home or business with cheap and pollution free energy that saves you money on your electric bills, but you are also helping ...

In Nov 12, 2011

One Way To Make Solar Panels At Home

This is a way you can make a solar panel at home from very basic materials and very inexpensively. It is not what I would recommend if you want to make solar panels to power your home...

In Nov 11, 2011

Renewable Energy Solutions and Their Importance

The planet is coping with a crisis and it’s operating from techniques to produce energy to provide sustenance in direction of the expanding demand for a lot much more power. The serio...

In Nov 05, 2011

My Sausage Recipes

I thought I would share two of the sausage recipes from my sausage making class. Just a note: the ingredients are given in ounces so you will need an ounce scale that can measure such...

In Jan 19, 2011