Last Week at Tiny House

Apr 10, 2014 · 2 mins read
Last Week at Tiny House
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Remember in my last post how I said that this year’s Valentine’s Day felt like a hearty cheer to the heavens that we made it? I really wasn’t joking. The last week has been filled with opportunities and newness and good vibes and I think I speak for both of us when I say that this year is already turning out to be pretty positive.

We got lots of stuff done last week, despite me fighting off a wicked cold that makes me sound like a goose. Here goes:

We finished the interior siding of the house on Valentine’s Day! It looks great, and Jeremy has started on the shelving unit in the loft space. We used pine tongue and groove for the interior, and we’re planning on staining the lower level white. For the bathroom we’ll use a different kind of panelling, but we haven’t decided on that yet. This week we’ll be looking water tanks, stoves and bathroom fixtures.

We’ve also been gearing up to take part in some shows and pop ups this year and shop our stuff around to some new stockists. To start, our kind friends over at Maker Goods let us set up a little pop up while we shop-sat on Wednesday and Thursday. It was mostly me, since Jeremy teaches during the day, and I had tons of fun getting together our little kit, talking to customers, generally hanging out and pretending that I actually worked at a retail space as pretty as theirs.

Last, but most definitely not least, we’ve been encouraged by friends and customers to get into the whole enamel pin thing, and so here we go! We’re starting with a design that Jeremy has been wanting to print on something forever, and we are so. excited. We just opened up pre-orders for the limited first edition run of 100 pins, so you can check it out in our shop and on Etsy and get one for yourself. Local orders get free pick up or delivery by entering FREEKCMO on checkout. We would love to know what you think! If these do well, we’ve got a million ideas for others, including some or my original illustrations (some of which are also now listed in our shop).

Hooray! Happy Friday, and see you all next week!