Our First Egg

Feb 02, 2013 · 1 min read
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title: Our First Egg image: tags: sustainable, homestead

One of our hens has started laying eggs!! Here’s the first one:

The first brown chicken egg from a free-range organically feed hen

The hens will be 20 weeks on Friday so this little lady started laying right on time. I can’t wait until we are swimming in eggs!

Now, just for comparison, the egg on the right is our egg and the one of the left is a large, organic, free-range egg from a mature hen (I’m assuming) that I bought at the store. Ummm…..

The egg on the right is the first egg from a hen and the egg on the left is from a mature hen

Never fear! The first eggs a hen lays are small. As she continues to lay they will grow to the “normal” size.

And to think we almost missed finding it! Our next boxes have a little bar that we can put up or down to prevent birds from sleeping (and pooping) where they are supposed to lay eggs. In the morning I open the boxes and in the evening I close them. Well, Monday evening I checked the boxes, saw nothing and closed the bar. A few minutes later my middle child goes into the hen house and checks the boxes again. And then comes screaming out, “An egg! An egg!” Apparently it was nestled down in the straw. Being small and brown I overlooked it but not my eagle-eyed son!

So one hen is laying. Woohoo! Only 21 more hens waiting to start.

PS: I’m sorry that all these chicken posts lately. I promise we are doing other things here on the homestead but these dang birds keep demanding all the attention.