So A Guy Decided To Drive Through West Africa. The Things He Saw Are Almost Unbelievable.

Apr 10, 2014 · 2 mins read
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There are a wide variety of cultures and countries in West Africa, from Nigeria through to Senegal, but one thing is the same for them all: life there is very different than life in the United States. Going for a drive through West Africa could result in goat herds, flash floods, vigilantes and danger.

One man’s collection of photos shows just how alien that life is compared to the Western world.

Life in Liberia, post-Civil War, isn’t like the US. Here you can see about 15 people jam-packed into a van.

Need to fill up? Often gas is sold in 1 gallon glass jars, which requires siphoning to get into your car.

Daredevil carpooling like this is commonplace.

Although hitting a policeman is never a good idea.

Don’t have a jack? Improvise.

A quality car in West Africa… isn’t quality at all.

This makeshift garage is actually made out of car parts, flattened and welded together.

Need a tool or spare part? Buy it from this man, who lays out his entire inventory every morning and picks it back up each night.

Getting stuck in mud that was a foot deep was pretty common, but thankfully helpful neighbors would push others out.

Goats. There were always goats in the road.

And sometimes getting a piggyback ride.

This is what a normal traffic jam looks like in West Africa.

Hey, you want some oranges?

A coffin in a taxi? Not completely unheard of.

These guys won’t help you out.

Vigilante justice is rampant in West Africa. This man was chased down and beaten to death after stealing a cell phone.

A common way for truckers to get some shut-eye. The cab is too hot. Plus, under here they can keep an ear out for thieves looting their trailers.

The things you can see just driving through these villages are amazing. The lives of the people there are so different. They work so hard for things we take for granted every day, like gas pumps, reliable cars or widely available food sources.

This world is a big place. Learn more about it and help others by showing them these eye-opening photographs.

The source of these images come from a Reddit user that uploaded them to Imgur.