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17 Signs You’re The Old Soul Of Your Friend Group

“It’s 11 pm and you guys want to go out now ?”


They arrive at a party and immediately hit the dance floor.

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You arrive at a party and look for a corner to go sit down in.

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They love meeting new people all the time.

You can’t deal with all of the hooligans you guys seem to encounter.

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They mosh to the front of any concert you go to.

You’re happy to just stand in back, not going too crazy.


They’re all about taking shots.

You’d much rather spend the night nursing a glass of wine.


Oh, and while they can chug a ton of alcohol and still feel fine…

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Even the smallest bit of alcohol is guaranteed to make you all giggly.


They’re constantly snapchatting each other.

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You can’t deal with all those fancy phone contraptions.

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They always want the music cranked loud.

You don’t understand how their eardrums can handle that much noise.

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Their idea of a fun Friday night involves heading to the club.

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you go out on Friday, you’d much rather just go to the movies.

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They’re willing to stay up all night long in the name of fun.

Even if you’re having a good time, you know going to bed always trumps staying out.

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They love watching the latest 3D blockbusters.

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You’d much rather stay home and watch a quiet foreign drama on the couch.

The CW / Via


Their apartments are always a huge mess.

TLC / Via

You make sure to keep everything neat and tidy.

Fox / Via


They love to get all dressed up in “hot” outfits.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Your idea of getting all dressed up involves decidedly un-hot, but SUPER COMFY, pajamas.


They love to make spontaneous decisions.

Paramount Pictures / Via

You need to think through each situation before acting.


They’re keeping up with the Kardashians.

You’re keeping up with the latest trends on HGTV.

HGTV / Via


They never want to deal with figuring out the bill when you go out to eat.

New Line Cinema / Via

So of course, you’re always the one who ends up dividing up the bill and tip for everyone.


Their idea of preparing dinner involves plastic utensils.

Whereas you’d much prefer to throw a fancy dinner party.

FX / Via


They love their youth.

But you know that being old is really where it’s at.

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